Why Retreat ?

Being on retreat takes us out of our daily patterns and allows us to create new neuropathways.


Modern life can be physically, mentally, and emotionally stressful as we are bombarded by electrical, environmental, and relational toxins that make it challenging for us to stay connected to our vibrant selves. We get caught in patterns of poor eating, lack of movement, and life’s dramas. The brain then responds in fight, flight or freeze primitive brain survival patterns. We have the capacity to shift from these survival patterns to higher brain responses, rewiring our neural network, and upgrading our experience to one of joy, vitality and well-being on all levels. In this way we move our set-point from the sympathetic to the parasympathetic nervous system.

ALIVE Retreats uses breakthrough modalities with the support of big nature to enable you to make these shifts.


Focusing on clearing your energy channels, releiving stress, balancing the gut biome, and connecting you to your inner guidance, ALIVE Retreats supports life changes through the following modalities:


Big Nature

Being in nature connects us to something bigger than ourselves, giving us the perspective that we are not separate, but an integral part of the natural world. Spending quality time in nature...

Being in Mother Nature is the perfect environment to retreat from everyday life and be held by our caring practitioners.

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