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Retreats: embodying our intentions

Updated: Mar 7, 2019

Being On Retreat

I have spent a lot of time in retreat during my adult life. I started 2018 with a ten-day retreat and ended it with a two-week long retreat taking me into 2019. I also participated in a month-long retreat in August last year. When ALIVE Retreats offered to its first 10 - day cleansing retreat in April 2018, at an amazing place in nature, I was in heaven. I was leading others into an experience that I so dearly love.

I've always had the goal of being whole and healthy. And I've never been very self disciplined...

My focus is often more on my outer world than on my inner alignment. I value self reflection, being responsible for my health and what I contribute to my family, my community and the world. I believe my thoughts and actions have an effect on everything. I truly believe that the greatest gift I can give myself, my family and the world is to be aligned vibrationally.

We are vibrational beings; our vibrations can be scattered and unorganized, or focused and clear, with a large continuum in between. Being in the busy "us versus them" world often pulls me into a scattered vibrational state. Trying to please others and wanting to be loved takes me out of my internal or vibrational alignment.

Why do I love retreats so much?

Going on retreat gives me the time to evaluate where I am in relationship to myself, the world, and the non-physical world. I get to go deep into the practices that bring me "Home", my true home. My capacity to surf the waves of life increases, I feel loved and valued from the inside out.

There are many kinds of retreats: yoga, meditation, cleansing etc. All of them have a common purpose of getting us away from our busy lives, unplugging us from our daily habits so we can learn something new and to connect with our inner wisdom which is larger than our smaller ego selves. To learn or practice something that we know is beneficial but don't have enough time for in our daily rhythms. I have found my time at retreats to be among the most valuable in my life.

What is the Ideal Retreat Length?

I started my retreat experiences in the Vipassana tradition. They studied what was the shortest retreat they could offer and still provide the greatest benefit. They came to the conclusion that ten days are the minimum amount of time necessary to receive the full benefits of a meditation retreat.

That said, we invited 16 meditation practitioners to come the day before our ten-day ALIVE Retreat began last April. We asked them to come to set the intention for our first retreat. They came on Saturday night and had all day Sunday to be cared for while they meditated.

Many reported that the one day was very powerful for them. So even one day of retreat can be a very valuable experience, even if not the optimal length of time. We at Alive Retreats are now offering one-on-one sessions and one-day retreats in addition to our residential eight-day retreat. Hopefully, this will allow those of you with time constraints to experience the benefits of retreat.

What is the intention of our retreats?

We hope that these retreats will help you take the time to love yourself from the inside out. If you can't come to an ALIVE Retreats event, we encourage you to find another retreat that fits your needs, as you become whole and healthy, we all benefit.

Gomde Retreat Center, Leggett Ca 2019 New Year Retreat

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