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Reflections: Juice Fasting!

Updated: Nov 22, 2019

While Robin and I participated in a three-week White Tara Retreat, which focused on long life and vitality, we decided to cleanse our bodies along with these powerful meditation practices. We both discovered that juice fasting while on a meditation retreat was a spectacular combination.

We found that our minds were much clearer and quieter, and our meditations deeper. The process of looking forward to some treat dropped away, as did hunger, leaving more energy to focus our minds.

We had veggie juice, dandelion greens, parsley, cabbage, celery, cucumber, beets and carrot, for breakfast and dinner. For lunch we ate watermelon and drank the watermelon rind juice. I knew that watermelon rind juice was good for you but did you know that it can clear kidney stones?! It is high in Vitae's C, A, B6, Potassium, zinc, citrulline, lycopene and antioxidants. The citrulline has been shown to increase weight loss and increase one's libido, the lycopene decrease inflammation and the potassium decreases blood pressure. By the third week we found out about the healing properties of celery juice and switched to having just celery juice first thing in the morning. I'm still juicing the celery every morning and I believe my gut and shoulder injury is improving!! /

Here's an article about celery juice if you want to learn more: http://medicalmedium.com/blog/celery-juice

We’re very excited about sharing this experience with others, and look forward to facilitating meditation combined with cleansing retreats in the near future. Possibly on Maui as well as Northern California. Let us know if that’s something you’d like to be notified about.

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