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Updated: Nov 22, 2019

Carrot Thyme Soup and Thyme Tea

Our Carrot Thyme Soup is a warming, Vitamin A-packed powerhouse of immune system supporting nutrients.

Carrots are a good source of vitamin A. Did you know vitamin A is not only especially good for our vision, but also helps maintain our epithelial tissue which is the protective tissue lining organs exposed to the outside environment like our mouth, urinary tract, lungs, skin,and eyes!? And we know that these tissues are being exposed to pollution on a daily basis, but we can help protect those tissues that protect us by eating our medicine!

Thyme helps gives this soup a rich flavor!

Thyme is a warming herb that is tangy in taste due to its camphor content. Another essential oil in thyme that gives its characteristic taste and health benefits is thymol, which is both an antiseptic and an antioxidant.

Thyme's Latin name is thymus vulgaris, known to promote a "vigorous" response in the body, reviving the immune system and warming the digestive track. There are over 350 known species of thyme around the world with medicinal varieties including Spanish, common/garden, aromatic, and creeping Thyme.

Thyme is a tonic for digestive disorders and particularly helpful for respiratory infections such as bronchitis and coughs.

It can also be used as a nervous system strengthener and can provide courage in times of nervousness or stress.

Thyme leaves and flowers have many culinary uses, from alcohol to cheese. It tinctures well and can be infused in vinegars for salad dressings and more!

Contraindications: Avoid during pregnancy or if you have high blood pressure. Avoid contact with mucous membranes; some may be allergic.

Carrot Thyme Soup


3 lbs of unpeeled, sliced carrots

2 onions, diced

3 cloves garlic crushed

3 tbsp fresh thyme

1 tbsp olive oil

dash of salt

Serves 4


Place all ingredients on cookie sheet. Drizzle with olive oil and sprinkle with salt.

Roast until slight browning occurs

Add ingredients to pot with enough water or veggie broth to fully cover. Bring to a boil and cook until carrots are tender (5-10 minutes).

Blend soup until smooth, adding additional fresh thyme to blender to taste.

While serving, drizzle with olive, hemp or flax oil and sprinkle with parsley.

Thyme Tea:

1 tsp chopped fresh herb

1/2-1 cup boiling water

Steep 10 min

Drink 3-4x daily for up to three weeks, to treat coughs or as a tonic

Source: Nerys Purchon, The Essential Natural Health Bible

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