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Alive Retreats Wins Local Chefs’ Competition!

Updated: Nov 2, 2018

We had a wonderful time connecting with people at the Wild Willits Festival that was held on Oct 20th in Willits, CA! We entered ALIVE Retreats in the local chefs' competition thinking it would be a good way to expose people to live, nutrient dense and delicious food. People voted on their favorite appetizer. We had no idea we would win!! What a great testament that healthy food can be really enjoyable too.

Alive Retreats chef Jamil Downing who made the only raw, vegan appetizer bite.

Aura Whittaker reported in The Willits News:

Seven competitors served up appetizers featuring the required ingredient, apples, in hopes of winning the title of champion and landing a feature in Word of Mouth Magazine. Roots Cafe offered smoked salmon with apple fennel slaw, Nurturing Seed made potato-apple latkes, New Agrarian Collective served apple pulled pork with bread and apple coleslaw, Mariposa Market made onion and apple focaccia tarts, Green Uprising Farm served vegetarian picadillo, The Big Chief/Happy Day Farm offered chicken apple sausage, and Alive Retreats handed out raw hummus and handmade crackers.

And the prize goes to… Alive Retreats chef Jamil Downing who made the only raw, vegan appetizer bite. Downing said he’s had “a food passion for a long time” and presently works as a cook and chef, but did not go to cooking school.

“I wouldn’t say I’m classically trained but experience counts for a lot… This is the first time I’ve ever competed or participated so I’m pretty excited. It’s really great to see a lot of people out eating and trying different food, especially good local food, which I really appreciate.” said Downing

Read the entire article: https://www.willitsnews.com/2018/10/22/inaugural-wild-willits-fest-taste-the-harvest-surpass-expectations/ ]

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